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Murialdo in a nutshell




Va…lentina B&B is found in Murialdo, a characteristic village in the ligurian hinterland only 30 km away from the sea; it’s close to Savona and, passing through Melogno’s hill, to Finale Ligure. Our house is surrounded by chestnut woods, deep in the old town centre where, in calm and tranquility, you’ll be able to visit Saint Laurence’s church, filled with historical sparks and frescoes form the XV century, and also to take long, relaxing walks and to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


The ancient homes of the village named “Murus Altus” tell stories about Romans, Saracens and Franks. Del Carretto and Savoia noble families lived here; Napoleon Bonaparte passed through the village and, with unabashed exaggeration, compared it to Great Paris. During his short visit, he partially destroyed the Castle, which, as the old legend goes, had been built with the stones taken from the Bormida river and carried by the women of the village, who then became bald from the huge effort.

Affresco - Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Murialdo

The ruins of the thousand-year-old castle and its walls on the Costa hill, clearly visible from the B&B house, are witness to the village’s feudal past whereas the several chapels scattered around in the neighbouring hamlets – the religious devotion of its inhabitants. Within easy walking distance from the B&B, there is San Lorenzo, a parish catholic Church, dating back to 1445, with its 14th century portal surmounted by a sandstone relief, depicting Saint Lawrence’s martyrdom on a gridiron; moreover, the church boasts a few 15th century frescos and a wonderful Romanesque bell tower.

Monte Camulera

At the end of 1800s, the village gained a leading role in economic activities, particularly in the manufacturing sector, thanks to its renowned graphite mines; mining lasted for about 7 years on the sides of Mount Camulera, whose paths are still well-trodden today by visitors to the remnants of that industrial past, and by those who wish to enjoy the spectacular view of the entire valley from the top of the hill (and, on brighter days, of the distant city of Genoa). This is a vast Wilderness area, a wild environment which is still intact and legally protected under strict regulations.

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Museo dell'Arte Vetraria - Altare

At 20 minutes from Murialdo, there is the Art Glass Museum of Altare, the village where the famous Bormioli glasses were born. The headquarters of the museum isVilla Rosa, a perfect example of liberty Style, erected between 1905 and 1906. The museum organises courses on the techniques and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic processing of glass.

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